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HPEC has thermal barrier coatings for pistons, thermal barrier coatings for cylinder heads, thermal barrier coatings for valves, thermal barrier coatings for exhaust parts, and thermal barrier coatings for intake manifolds. Parts that see movement and wear will benefit from our low friction coatings. We have piston skirt coatings, bearing coatings, valve stem coatings, valve spring coatings, crankshaft coatings and coatings for other parts where frictions should be reduced and a solid film of lubrication can protect the part from wear and damage. For parts that run too hot and need to shed heat, HPEC has heat emitting coatings to improve cooling of parts.

HPEC has extensive experience in formulating coatings specifically for high performance use. Each coating is designed for a specific purpose. Each material will have a specific application technique appropriate for that material.

A relatively new development in coatings that is confusing to the consumer has been manufacturers offering piston skirt coatings or platings for the top of pistons. If a coating comes directly from a manufacturer, it should be viewed as in inexpensive “break in” coating. Neither the materials nor the application methods will give this type of coating any chance of survival after the initial break in period. HPEC can strip off the factory break in coatings and apply a good permanent coating.

High Performance Coated Engine Parts

If you treat your performance parts with the care they deserve, HPEC is the only choice to provide your coatings. HPEC coatings and workmanship are top quality. That is why we have been successful over the years. We offer the highest quality coatings at a very reasonable price. When you look at the power and durability gains you can achieve with HPEC's coatings you will quickly see that there are no other modifications you will do to your motor that will make more sense than having HPEC coat your parts.

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