The theft rates for motorcycles are rising dramatically due to the explosion in sales in recent years and the relative ease of which they are stolen. Choosing an alarm can be an expensive and confusing task, with some alarms costing hundreds of dollars when often the only additional feature in these alarms is immobilization, which offers no more protection than a decent disc lock.

Many alarms on the market which include sophisticated immobilization circuits and features are more suited to immovable vehicles such as cars.  The fact is many bikes are stolen by being hoisted into the back of a waiting truck giving passers-by little time to intervene.  No amount of sophisticated immobilization prevents that!  Security experts agree that bikes should  be secured using a good quality lock and chain with an alarm which will warn of tampering or violation of the lock.

This is what RiDE Magazine said in one of their alarm tests:

"We found that a well fitted, simple alarm in the right place gave as much protection as the most expensive alarm could ever give".


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