Suzuki Burgman 650 backrest - parts

In the package you are going to receive 2 x rails, 4 x screws and 1 x backplate.

Let's assemble them first.

Look through all the pictures to get a visual idea what a finished product should look like

Take out the screws and using a Philips screwdriver #2 attach the rails to the backplate. The 2 holes in the rail will perfectly match up the countersunk holes in the back plate. 2 x screws per rail. Make sure the screws go in all the way in, do NOT over tighten them. Use common sense.

The finished (assembled) product should look like on the picture above

Once the after market backrest has been assembled, pull out the original "backrest" from your seat (you should already know how to do this) and with a 10mm socket or wrench remove the 3 nuts holding the original "backrest" to the mounting steel plate.

Remount the original "backrest" to the aftermarket backplate using the same 3 x nuts. For added safety put "blue" loctite on the threads or a small amount of nail polish. Tighten the nuts, and voila!

Again, no need to overtighten them, just make sure they are snug.


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