Motorcycle Tune Up

Active Motors offers the most complete motorcycle tune up service around. Every full service tune up covers goes over a complete list of your manufactures recommended maintenance and a little more.

We offer 3 levels of tune ups service for your motorcycle.

While most other shops and dealerships charge you for the bare bones minimum (oil, plugs, air filter, valve check). Active Motors goes the extra mile and covers every inch of your motorcycle to ensure it is going to be trouble free for your safety and enjoyment. When we say full service, we mean FULL service.

Below is a list of work performed during a tune up:

Level 1:
- Change oil
- Replace oil filter
- Replace or service air filter
- Top up coolant (if applicable)
- Top up brake fluid (if applicable)
- Set idle mixture (if applicable)
- Set idle speed
- Lubricate all cables
- Adjust clutch
- Adjust throttle cables. Make sure throttle snaps back closed
- Adjust brakes (if applicable)
- Clean drive chain (if applicable)
- Adjust primary drive (if applicable)
- Lubricate and adjust drive chain/belt (if applicable)
- Change shaft drive oil (if applicable)
- Set tire pressures
- Inspect all lighting and safety equipment
- Lube all locks and pivot points
- Check lighting. Replace burned out bulbs as needed (extra cost for difficult to remove bulbs)
- Check brake pads
- Check tire condition
- Check sidestand safety and starter safety switches
- Check front forks / fork seals
- Road test

Level 2 - Includes all of Level 1 in addition to:
- Replace spark plugs
- Flush coolant (recommended every 2 years)
- Flush brake fluid and bleed system. Extra cost on certain ABS systems and BMW integral systems. (recommended every 2 years)
- Synchronize carburetors or throttle bodies (if applicable)
- Check wheel bearings
- Check and adjust steering head bearings. Grease if applicable.
- Check swingarm pivot. Grease if applicable
- Adjust timing belt tension (if applicable)
- Adjust any fuel injection sensors (if applicable)

Level 3 - Includes all of level 1 & 2 in addition to:
- Check and adjust valve clearances

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