Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning Service

Dirty or clogged carburetors are the number one cause of problems of motorcycle performance issues. A dirty carburetor can cause rough idle, hesitation and loss of power. Worn o-ring seals can leak fuel past metering orifices causing rich running which leads to poor performance and economy.

Motorcycle carburetors can become clogged from the bike being stored with fuel in it. As fuel evaporates, it leaves behind a gummy residue that can clog the small orifices and passageways inside your motorcycle's carburetor. They can also become clogged from the use of low grade fuels and old age.

Active Motors is expert in motorcycle carburetor rebuilds and tuning. We have state of the art ultrasonic cleaning machine to bring your motorcycle's carburetors back to new condition. We use OEM quality parts to replace any worn components in your carburetors to ensure long life.

We service all makes and models of carburetors from Keihin, Mikuni and Dellorto.

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